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securities fraud attorneys and stock fraud attorneys

Do you suspect your stockbroker mishandled your investments? Have you lost money investing with a “professional”? Were you being charged excessive commissions or fees? Do not stand by as a victim. The experienced stock fraud attorneys at Fitapelli Kurta can help you determine if you have a viable claim and, if you do, advocate aggressively on your behalf to recover your hard-earned money. We offer nationwide securities fraud representation to investors and institutions who have suffered investment losses as a result of unethical, negligent or incompetent investment practices by a financial advisor, investment bank or stockbroker.

Securities Fraud is Rising

Over the last decade, stock fraud attorneys have seen a spike in securities fraud cases. Regardless of size or notoriety of these disputes, all of these securities fraud cases have exposed the greed that drives investment banks and stock brokers to take advantage of investors.

Investor advocates with Unique Expertise

Lawyers at Fitapelli Kurta, work exclusively on behalf of investors to recover their losses that were caused as a result of improper sales practices by a stock broker or brokerage firm. Each lawyer at our firm has extensive experience in litigating securities fraud cases. We provide the personal attention of a small law firm, while bringing the expertise and training from large, national firms to your case. We understand the defense strategies of brokerage firms and their attorneys. We know how investment institutions and stockbrokers think and operate because our stock fraud attorneys used to defend them in litigations and security arbitrations. We bring this unique expertise to investors and add insight and expertise that other law firms simply cannot match. We are different.

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